Wentworth Falls Bakery



Baked Goods

We are a small bakery located in Wentworth Falls, New South Wales. We were founded by Bob Brown during 1950. Brown was a humble man with simple dreams, he wanted to open a family run bakery and sell sweets to make people happy. He founded our buisness on these ideals, so we strive to keep those ideals present. We only employ kind hearted, loyal employees who treat our customers with kindness and try their best to satisfy the customer's needs. We serve warm and iced coffees, warm and iced teas, juices, soft drinks, water, a variety of pastries, cakes, and chocolates. We hope you enjoy our restaurants, feel free to come back!

972-420-7831~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~405 Wentworth St. 2648~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~wentworthfalls.bakery@gmail.com